• There Will Be Spring – Syksyn jälkeen saapuu kevät

    sjskelokuva / sjskelokuva


    08/2020 Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland / National Premiere
    09/2020 Red Carpet, Finland
    06/2021 Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland / International Premiere



    There Will Be Spring is a timeless and harrowing drama about war broken people in 1940’s Finland. Young Anni and her family flee home as Russian battlefront is getting closer. Life in a new community is embroidered by prejudice between the family and natives. Hatred doesn’t stop Anni’s sensual awakening and desire for a man disguised by her family. Secret seems to be safe until spring is bursting out and harmless hay robbery leads to consequences that couldn’t be predicted.

    There Will Be Spring got its international premiere at Midnight Sun Film Festival in June 2021.

    Director Statement

    In 2015, EU countries offered asylum to almost 300 000 refugees. The intrusion of war into our European lives built up feelings and thoughts we hadn’t encountered in decades. In the middle of that period I wanted to write a story about the complicated relationship between the people who had to leave their homes and those who in the alien country offered a new one. Through the themes of the story I wanted to ponder the universal difficulty of encountering each other.

    – Annika Grof, writer & director of There Will Be Spring


    Antti Alanen’s film analysis about There Will Be Spring in English.

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