The Other Voice / Toiset äänet

This edgy and poppy collage film creates a view to Finnish democracy with a tragic story of university and tragicomic story of governmental politics.

  • Writer, Director: Annika Grof
  • Producer / Editor: Joon Tervakari
  • Production: Tarasow Films
  • Funding: Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK
  • Distribution: Yle
  • Premiere: 2022
  • News about the film @ Tarasow Films


It is election spring 2019. Parties group behind their election programs and once again get ready to make the best parliamentary election result in their history. Jukka, a professor from the University of Helsinki and a first time candidate, is walking to the election kick-off event, and is determined to change the lousy University Act, even if he has to do it alone.

At the same time, education and science professionals of the University of Helsinki, Gaela, Lena and Taina, go through their own struggle to be able to teach and research, and to make their voices heard regarding the prerequisites of a democratic society. They are struggling against the leading administration, unfunctional structures and a fear-creating work culture. The strongest resistance of all however, is given by the country’s anti-education and anti-scientific Government, which changes every four years.

The Other Voice is Annika Grof’s edgy and popping collage film about four academics and one cinematographer. Elements like impossibility of running for Parliament, groundbreaking legal struggle, a sound work that cracks the illusion of democracy, and a dysfunctional office printer are woven together in the story. The film reflects the tragic situation of the university to the recent past’s national political twists and turns. They both inevitably define what our democracy will slip into in the future.

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