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Annika Grof

Annika Grof has graduated from University of Industrial Design and Art Helsinki, department of Film. She has been working as a director, scriptwriter and developer in film, tv and commercial productions since 2006.

She has always worked in various genres, including documentary and fictional material. As a filmmaker, Annika has the power to show even the strangest nuances of the human mind and combine them into a very natural film ensemble. Her latest film work is a feature fiction There Will Be Spring (2020), a timeless epoch fiction that got its international premiere at Midnight Sun Film Festival in June 2021.

Currently Annika is working on, soon to be realased, feature documentary SHHHH (working title) and her new feature fiction JOSE.


Artistic activity at the moment
  • JOSE

    JOSE is a suspense drama about guilt and its power to shape love and destinies. The story begins as Jone (28) appears in his small hometown after years of absence. It’s been three years since his little brother died after committing suicide. As Jone confronts his mother (59), he finds out that because of the stigma, she has no option but to move out of town. Jone’s arrival starts to bring out memories of a crime, and about a 15-year-old Jose, who police, local media, and finally the whole town condemned. As Jone helps his mourning mother pack, the real reasons behind Jose’s death and Jone’s return begin to open up. The more the truth breaks out, the more useless young Jose’s death appears. The death, which unpredictably ties together four people and their painful memories.

    • Original Screenplay: Annika Grof
    • Director: Annika Grof
    • Executive Producer: Joon Tervakari
    • Production: Tarasow Films
    • Script Grants: Taike, Finnish Film Foundation
    • Platforms and markets: The Finnish Film Affair 2021: Fiction in Development
    • Film’s page:
  • Toiset äänet

    Heading to the end of shootings this political, human, social, humoristic and anarchistic documentary film. Toiset äänet is a film of four academics who work their way towards better university and deeper understanding the world. And that’s easier said than done.

    • Writer, Director: Annika Grof
    • Producer / Editor: Joon Tervakari
    • Production: Tarasow Films
    • Funding: Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK
    • Distribution: Yle
    • Premiere: 2022
    • News about the film @ Tarasow Films
  • There Will Be Spring

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