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Annika GrofAnnika Grof has always been strongly interested in the world and people around her. Her curiosity towards different kinds of phenomenoms has brought her at remarkably varied range of topics. Items such as loneliness in the old age, isolation, sexuality, state rank politics as well as institutions, money, high fashion and family issues are seen in the movies and tv-series she has directed.

Annikas motivation to activly work in the field of motion picture and television has been high from the get go. She graduated from University of Industrial Arts Helsinki as a movie director and has worked years since in the field. Positions as AD, feed director, cinematographer and sound engineer all add into knowledge she feels a good director needs.

Annikas strenght as a director in both documentary and fiction productions are an ability to get close to people and strong talent to tell a story visually, with images. Her way to write and direct is of emotion. As a moviemaker she makes the content the first priority, and secondly creates an interesting form to support the content. As part of a crew she inspires and supports it by working hard to achive a result to be proud of.


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