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As a director

Annika GrofAnnika Grof has graduated from University of Industrial Design and Art Helsinki, department of Film. She has been working as a director, scriptwriter and developer in film, tv and commercial productions since 2006. Her best known work is feature documentary Within Limits which has won international prices and was a Jussi-prize nominee in Finland. Annika’s latest film work is a feature fiction There Will Be Spring which is now at post production.

Annika has always been strongly interested in the world and people around her. Her curiosity towards different kinds of phenomenons has brought her at remarkably varied range of topics. Items such as loneliness in the old age, isolation, sexuality, state rank politics as well as institutions, money, high fashion and family issues are seen in the movies and tv-series she has directed.

Annika’s strength as a director in both documentary and fiction productions are an ability to get close to people. Her way to write and direct is of emotion. As a filmmaker she makes the content the first priority, and secondly creates an interesting form to support the content. As part of a crew she inspires and supports it by working hard to archive a result to be proud of.


Artistic activity at the moment
  • Shhhh

    Heading to the end of shootings this political, human, social, humoristic and anarchistic documentary film. Or better saying a punk song of all documentaries which ravels in little bit of prog and happy ska. Shhhh is a film of five academics who work their way towards better university and deeper understanding the world. And that’s easier said than done.

    Film is produced by Tarasow Films and this development point is founded by The Finnish Film Foundation and AVEK.

  • There Will Be Spring / Syksyn jälkeen saapuu kevät

    Late 40’s after the war. Strange languaged and religioned immigrants fleeing from Carelia region are hated by Finns in the countryside. 19-year old Anni is living her life wanting to forget the war and hostility surrounding her. Falling in love with a man who hasn’t left fighting, threatens Anni’s whole family’s future and hope for mutual forgiveness..


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